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One guy in our section made a big show of taking off his jacket to show his shirt, which said something about Packers with Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs) pissing on a GB helmet. Since he took it off slowly, before the Calvin pissing reveal, it said “Packers,” so a guy with his wife and two small kids threw his garbage at the guy. That led to a lot of shouting between the guys with the Calvin shirt and the family man, who stupidly stood up to fight when his wife and kids were with him.

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When you Swoosh upon a track star

The first Swoosh is on the “Welcome to Track Town” billboard just outside of, well, Track Town. The second Swoosh is also on the billboard, in the corner of a logo shaped like the state of Oregon. A logo inside a logo, if you will.

Once inside Historic Hayward Field, there’s a Swoosh on the new, cool, five story scoreboard structure. This Swoosh changes colors. It’s just to the right of the words Historic Hayward Field.cheap nfl jerseys High tech iconography with a sense of place, if you will.

That Swoosh, as you might imagine, isn’t a lonely Swoosh. From the west grandstands, six other Swoosh logos were visible Friday. Saturday, they were joined by an eighth, gigantic Swoosh, added as a backdrop for the start of the 100 meters.

That makes eight prominent Swoosh logos at Hayward Field, the lead Swoosh, beacons of strength for the hundreds of tiny swooshes adorning jerseys and shorts and singlets, and King Swoosh only knows how many bright yellow shoes stand out on television almost as if they were designed to.

Torri Edwards was sporting the Swoosh when she won her 100 meter dash semifinal heat, and the scoreboard, instead of her name, briefly displayed Adidas in the No. 1 position.

Amateurism is expensive; it needs money. Money requires sponsorship. Most everything’s for sale. Saturday, the scoreboard reminder to hydrate was sponsored by Tylenol. Olympic Track and Field Trials, your sponsorship is almost as prominent as your name.

You got your Nike athlete, and your Adidas athlete, your athletes running, jumping and throwing for Reebok or Asics. There are plenty of college affiliations, and just as many are identified as “unattached.” That means: make them an offer.

Nike and Adidas have rented fraternity houses where their athletes can hang out. Alice Schmidt, who won her 800 meter semifinal heat, used to wear the Swoosh when she was at North Carolina. Now she wears whatever you’d call the Adidas stripes. Strips, one supposes.

The big difference? “Sizing,” she said.

Are there scheduled guard shifts at the frat house? To make sure no Swoosh lurks in the night? Are logos warring, like the Jets and the Sharks, or the local news teams in “Anchor Man”?

Rising up from beyond Hayward Field’s east grandstands is a rock climbing wall, topped by yet another logo. This one belongs to the United States Army. That’s hurdler Nathaniel Garcia’s team. More accurately, 1st Lt. Nathaniel Garcia.

Garcia had pretty much given up on competing and was coaching when a recruiter on Texas Christian’s campus saw him with his track gear and started talking to him. He “got into that whole recruiting business,” Garcia said. As recruiters are wont to do.

“I signed up hoping I could get in” to the Army’s elite athlete program, Garcia said.

It took some time, but last year Garcia got the call and got back on the track, pushed himself, and, after a self described “real rocky start,” qualified for the trials in the 400 meter hurdles.

You’d expect the Army to be able to work a guy into shape. He’s stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado, where he said he’s got the best of whatever he needs at his disposal, to train, to work and run on behalf of . his sponsor.

“My fellow soldiers, my colleagues, anyone over in Iraq working their butts off,” Garcia said.

That got him to Eugene, but it didn’t get him to Beijing.

Garcia finished seventh in his semifinal heat Saturday, ahead of a guy affiliated with Phenetix International and behind two unattached runners. (Phenetix, according to its Web site, is “a division of Phenetix Urban Athletic Wear Company, LLC.”)

What’s next? That’s the question for everyone who doesn’t move on to the Olympics, right? Garcia’s answer is, as you’d expect, a little more complicated than most.

It depends on the Army’s needs. If he’s needed elsewhere in the world, to do something other than run, that’s what he’ll go do. “That’s what I signed up for,” he said.

As he said this, he slipped out of his blue Mizuno shoes. They were soaked in sweat. Worth noting: The jersey had a Swoosh. .

President of new jersey

So President Obama added to his jersey collection last week, getting a No. 44 Red Sox jersey from selfie aficionado David Ortiz. wholesale nfl jerseys from china But if you think the swag is hanging on the walls of a man cave fit for a president inside the West Wing, think again. From there they could end up at a presidential library.

“It’s a recent trend because civilians didn’t wear jerseys” before the 80s, Lukas told The Score. “Teams and leagues hadn’t figured out people would pay $200 for a polyester shirt before then.”

While Obama held up a 44 before Big Papi’s corporate sponsored selfie, he also has 1s, 10s, 11s, a 27 from the Yankees and plenty of other 44s, among other numbers, in his collection. Many of the numbers signify the year of the title, or in the case of the Yankees, the number of championships the franchise has won. Forty four is Obama’s number in the roster of American presidents.

“The whole number of the president thing came in with the most recent President Bush,” Lukas said, noting that news networks began referring to him as Bush 43 to distinguish him from his father, George H. W. Bush aka Bush 41.

“Most people had no f ing clue what the president’s number was before that,” he said.

Well, some of us did (Reagan was 40).

Nope, while those are dumb decisions, the dumbest is Eric Decker’s transaction with Jeff Cumberland. The new Jets wideout paid the tight end $25,000 and a steak dinner for his No. 87 jersey.

Sure, Decker has the money; he just signed a five year, $37.5 million deal with Gang Green. And for Cumberland, it’s a great deal. He wore 86 for his first three years and just switched to 87 last year. He’ll wear 85 now.

This sort of thing has been going on forever in sports, it’s in the NFL where the payments seem to be the most over the top.

Jeff Feagles, who wore 10 and 17 with the Giants, made out when the team drafted Eli Manning and added Plaxico Burress. Manning sent Feagles and his family on an all expenses paid trip to Florida as payment. Burress agreed to pay for a kitchen remodel, though Feagles said he welshed. “He stiffed me,” Feagles said at the time.

Darrelle Revis reportedly paid Mark Barron $50,000 to essentially rent No. 24 with the Bucs last year. Clinton Portis agreed to pay Ifeanyi Ohalete $40,000 when he was traded to the Redskins in 2004, then went to court to try to get out of paying the agreed upon fee when Ohalete was cut. Portis settled the suit.

Not all transactions are so costly. John Kruk gave up his No. 28 in Philly to Mitch Williams for two cases of beer. Williams, Kruk said, wanted to keep the number because he had bought a bunch of No. 28 jewelry for his wife and didn’t want to have to replace it. http://www.2013newjerseyssupply.com/ It turned out to be a savvy move for Williams; he got divorced two years later.

But with Decker and Cumberland, it just doesn’t seem right. They’re big boys and can do what they want with their money, but in a climate where fans can’t afford to take their families to games, throwing around thousands of dollars for a piece of polyester just doesn’t wash.

Take him up on the dinner, Jeff, and order plenty of wine. Live a little, get the good stuff. But maybe you can use the cash to buy tickets for some kids who otherwise couldn’t afford a game.

Youth Protection Training

Why is YPT (article link) so important? Because a safe environment is best achieved when everyone is trained and fully aware, whether explicitly required or not. Troop 21 and BSA take this seriously and so should you.

Training can be done quickly online; go to myscouting.org and log-in or create an account. Upon completion, give a copy of your YPT certificate to the Troop 21 Training Coordinator: Marla Gordon.

Eagle MB Requirement Additions

Beginning January 1st, Cooking became an Eagle required merit badge and the requirements were updated/changed. cialis 20mg Importantly, the merit badge does not have to be re-earned for Eagle and if started under the old requirements, can be completed using either old or new.

Sustainability became an Eagle required merit badge in tandem with Environmental Science. A scout must earn either one of the pair.

Please see this bulletin for more detailed information – Cooking and Sustainability.pdf

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Kevin Woodhouse, a partner with Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis, said his firm is the transaction counsel for Floyd Memorial. He said the Indiana Code the city cited for three appraisals doesn’t apply in this case. He said instead of what the city cited with IC 16 22 3 17(c)(2)(A), this deal falls under IC 16 22 3 18 (d) because it’s a transfer of assets to a non profit corporation..

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pandora rings Perhaps science does not speak

Where to buy Pretto’s Pasta lasagnaThe frozen trays are available at Beach Road Meats on Locke Street and VG Meats on Upper Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, Roma bakery on Barton Street in Stoney Creek, Carluke Orchards on Shaver Road in Ancaster, Marilu’s Market on New Street and J Meats on Plains Road in Burlington, and Appletree variety in Grimsby.Prices vary from store to store. The small tray (750 g) ranges from $9.49 to $10.99. The family size (1.7 kg), intended to feed five to six people, ranges from $14.99 to $18.99.

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In the interests of full disclosure

In the interests of full disclosure, I’d come for the second annual Whistler Village Beer Festival four days of brewmaster dinners, cask showdowns, free tastings, obscenely large hangover themed breakfasts, (thank you Dubh Linn Gate) and a glorious Saturday afternoon festival in Whistler Olympic Plaza. Getting around to more than 150 beers from 50 breweries had seemed so exciting. But that was on Thursday.

Canada Goose sale Conveniently (some might say suspiciously), Green Point just happens to be home to a major geological junction, where rocks of the Cambrian period give way to those of the Ordovician. The opportunity to hit another boundary was too good to miss. Mission accomplished, it was off to the ferry terminal, and across the Strait of Belle Isle to Labrador.. Canada Goose sale

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When the boss is Uncle Sam

The anecdote sounds like prime material for a David Letterman Top 10 list of governmental inefficiency: To get a pencil at a regional office of the Army Corps of Engineers, an employee recalls having to send a request down to the storage room to check on its availability before he could put in an order for it.

True story. But it’s not the whole story.

Yes,Cheap Jerseys from china http://www.cheapnflnewjerseysusa.top/ federal employees do sometimes throw up their hands in disgust over the bureaucratic hoops they have to jump through. “People increasingly want to go into government because of the psychological compensation they feel they’re doing something important,” says Marc Holzer, chair of the graduate department of public administration at the Newark campus of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Job security is a big plus, too. But a lot of people have been nervous lately about whether that security will last.

The Bush administration is pushing federal agencies to put many more tasks up for competitive bids from the private sector. Up to 850,000 jobs, almost half the federal workforce, are commercial in nature and so should be subject to competition, says Trent Duffy, spokesman for the White House Office of Management and Budget (see story, below).

However many jobs ultimately do shift to the private sector in the coming years, the debate over the administration’s plan, which has spurred strong opposition from labor unions, highlights the less than flattering image of government as “red tape central.”

“The stereotype won’t die,” says Mr. Holzer. “There’s always some story poking fun at bureaucracy.”

How much of this reputation is deserved depends on your perspective. To get behind the generalities and the extremes on both sides of the debate, the Monitor talked with a range of people who have insiders’ views of both the federal government and private companies.

Their stories help explain why 6O percent of federal employees surveyed recently said they would recommend their organization as a good place to work. (See chart.) But they also confirm that there’s always room for improvement.

Stung by the private sector

After 13 years with the Army Corps of Engineers, Stephen Dunbar wanted a change. It bothered him that his master’s degree, engineering license, and initiative didn’t yield extra recognition or pay. (Or even make it easy to requisition pencils.)

“One of the drawbacks to the government,” he says, “is that there’s no really good mechanism for rewarding those who consistently put in extra effort, over someone who just shows up to work every day.”

Mr. Dunbar started managing software development teams for a small private company in Boston in January 2000. After being part of a government entity that employs 34,000 people nationwide, he enjoyed the way managers at his new office could communicate with its 70 person staff more directly and gather input as they made decisions.

“In government,” he says, “usually a directive comes down months after it’s decided what the policy is going to be.”

But the camaraderie at his company began to crumble, Dunbar says, when the IT market went sour and layoffs began.

Business would pick up in spurts and new people later came on board. The face of the company changed. “In the end, it was all 20 somethings, kids fresh out of school willing to work the 50 or 60 hours I was working, or more, for less money,” he says. As a father of four, those hours working after the kids went to bed and on Saturdays wore on him. “It was just ridiculous and it was expected.”

The final straw came last year after Dunbar, under the gun to meet a deadline, made his team work 80 hour weeks for a month to develop a major product.

“The day after we delivered it, they let about seven of those guys go. I didn’t see it coming,” he says. “That just kills your ability to motivate anybody to put that kind of time in.”

After surviving three rounds of layoffs, Dunbar didn’t have to think too long about his answer when the Army Corps of Engineers office in Concord, Mass., asked if he wanted to come back.

Since making the switch in March, he’s had more time with his family, and less pressure at work. “I had one guy tell me in the private sector that he didn’t want to know the new people, because he wasn’t sure how long they would be there.”

It’s also a lot easier to get a pencil now he just takes a walk to the supply cabinet. In the years he was away, Dunbar says, “they appear to have made big strides in streamlining things.”

But pay is still not linked closely to performance. “No matter what you do, you’re looking at a 3 1/2, 4 percent raise every year.” Many people are happy with that automatic bump in salary, but if you want recognition for extra effort, he says, “the only other way to get more than that is to get a promotion, and those are few and far between.”

That may put a damper on ambition, but in most cases, it doesn’t mean people become dead weight. “A small handful, maybe 10 percent or 20 percent of government employees, milk the system completely,” he says. “But the other 80 percent are very committed.”

Dismayed by delays

Ray Lanman finally got on a one way track into the private sector.

He worked for Amtrak for 21 years, and doesn’t discount all he learned there. But he says his eight years as an executive at Herzog, a private engineering and transit company in St. Joseph, Mo., have been “most refreshing” by comparison.