2014 Summer Camp

Summer Camp for 2014 will be June 22 – June 28 at Peacful Valley. This year we will camp at Camp Cris Dobbins.

2014 Scout Camp Options
2014 Dobbins merit badge selections

We depart for Summer Camp (PV driving directions) on Sunday June 22nd from Fremont Elementary School (64th & Urban) at 9:00am. Everyone will need a sack lunch. We will return to Arvada Church of Christ on Saturday June 28th by 12:30pm.

Parts A,B&C of the BSA Medical Form must be completed with physician’s signature for all scouts and adult leaders. The medical form must be updated every year for both scouts and adults. In addition the Colorado Department of Public Health Addendum is required for scouts.

Payment schedule: (total cost is $275)
11/4/13 $50
2/10/14 $55
3/10/14 $55
4/14/14 $55
5/12/14 $60
6/9/14 Merit Badge fees

For new scouts who join at 2014 February Crossover:
4/16/14 $90
5/14/14 $90
6/9/14 $95 plus Merit Badge fees

Denver Area Council strongly believes “no youth shall be denied a program experience because of lack of funds” and provides partial scholarships for those in need of financial assistance. The Scholarship Form must be submitted to the Denver Area Council no later than May 15th.

Cards, letters and spending money need to be given to the Scoutmaster no later than June 16th at the Troop Meeting. Daily spending money may be included in cards ($2-$3) and scouts may want $15-$20 for a collector item (knife, bolo, and belt). We have a daily mail delivery or they can be mailed to camp directly but no later than June 23rd.
Scout Name
Troop 21/Abilene Campsite/6-22 to 6-28
Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
22799 North Elbert Rd – Box 97
Elbert, CO 80106-0097

Here are some great summer camp tips!
1. Follow this Summer Camp Gear Checklist and pack clothes in a 73 quart Sterilite tote (please NO LARGER). The Sterilite tote is cheapest at Big Lots, but available at many locations.
2. Don’t forget a water gun and old shoes for the water fight.
3. Sleeping pads are fine, but a cheap camping cot is better. Both combined, make for a terrific sleeping experience.
4. A reasonable amount of snacks can be provided, no more than two per day. It is best to send snacks in a hard container to keep them from getting crushed.
5. Put their name on everything – use a Sharpie – EVERYTHING – including underwear, hats, towels, swim suits, etc.
6. Daily attire – scouts can wear any pants, shorts and shirts conforming to school standards until dinner time, at which time we wear full Class A unifoms. Hiking boots (previously broken in) are the best footwear – NO SKATER SHOES – poor footwear leads to blisters and can spoil their experience. Scouts walk over 4 miles each day at PV over rough, uneven terrain.
7. Send enough underwear and socks for daily changes and some spares. They can survive in the same pants and shirt for 2-3 days. Pack your class b shirts. The Kiptag Washing Machines are available for everyone to use and we will be happy to instruct the scouts on their use.

2014 Dobbins Program Guide
2014 Dobbins Leader’s Guide
Camp Cris Dobbins Map
Peaceful Valley Songbook

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