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What does my Webelos Scout need to start Boy Scouts?

Your new Boy Scout will need a full Class A uniform, including shirt with proper patches (see Mr. Cottingham for troop 21 and patrol patches); boy scout pants; scout socks (green); scout belt; neckerchief & slide; green shoulder loops; and scout handbook with cover. Eventually, your scout will also need a merit badge sash, but this is not needed immediately. All items are available at the scout store (10455 West 6th Avenue, Suite 125 Denver, CO 80215- 303-477-4830, Mon-Fri 9AM–6PM, Sat 9AM–3PM) or online Troop 21 also has a limited number of smaller-sized used uniform items for sale.

How do I figure out where to sew on all these patches?

Here is a guide (see page 2 of this document). Wikipedia also has a page that shows closeups of each front pocket area as well as each sleeve..

How is Troop 21 organized?

Troop 21 is a boy-led troop. The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is a scout of advanced rank that has been trained in leadership of a troop. He leads all regular troop meetings as well as the monthly Patrol Leaders Council. The SPL has one or more Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) that help him. The rest of the scouts are divided into patrols. Each patrol has a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. Scouts that have a leadership role have all been through training and are expected to attend all troop meetings as well as most campouts. Scout leaders serve for a term of six months. Elections are in March and September. The adults are also organized into patrols. The Grey Wolves consist of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. They work directly with the scouts on skills needed for rank advancement as well as assisting the SPL in leading the troop. The Pink Panthers are the Troop Committee Members and take care of all administrative tasks such as treasurer, travel coordinator, advancement coordinator, webmaster, etc.

How is Boy Scouts different from Webelos?

Boy scouts meet weekly, year round, except Memorial and Labor Day. There is typically at least one camping opportunity per month. Troop 21 members must be in full uniform for each meeting. Scouts work toward rank advancement from: Scout to Tenderfoot to Second Class to First Class to Star to Life and finally to Eagle.

How can I become involved in my son’s scout troop?

We are always in need of parent volunteers. You can consider being an Assistant Scoutmaster or Troop Committee member. For shorter term roles, you may want to consider being a Merit Badge Counselor or taking on running one of our fundraisers. Parents are encouraged to become involved with the troop, that way the scout is more invested as well. See the Committee Chair for volunteer opportunities.

What is the time committment involved for a new scout?

The scout will need to attend the weekly Monday meetings (from 7:30 – 8:30pm). The scout can opt to attend a merit badge class (at 7pm, before the troop meeting). There is a monthly Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) on the second Thursday of the month, where decisions are made by the troops’ scout leadership for the following month’s activities. There are usually monthly campouts or other troop outings.

How does my scout advance in rank?

The scout book is the best place to check for rank advancement requirements. Once the scout has completed all requirements, he needs to have a Scoutmaster Conference, where the Scoutmaster will determine if he is ready to advance. Then, the scout will come before a Board of Review, consisting of three adults from the troop that will further determine the scout’s readiness to advance.

How can my scout earn merit badges?

Troop 21 keeps a library of merit badge guides, but the most up to date merit badge requirements can be found at Your scout can choose to come to a merit badge class and work on one or he can work on badges on his own. Check the troop website for the updated list of merit badge counselors (MBC). The scout should contact the MBC prior to beginning work on a merit badge. As the scout completes the requirements, he should present his results to the MBC. If the scout is interested in a merit badge for which the troop has no MBC, the scout should contact the Advancement Chair, Mr. Sandridge for guidance.

How can my scout get service hours?

Service projects come up on a fairly regular basis. Often there are older scouts that need help with their Eagle Project. Sometimes other opportunities arise as well. Talk to the Scoutmaster if you have doubts about what counts for service hours.

How much does it cost?

There is a yearly registration fee of $45. Additionally, there is a $5 monthly fee to help the troop keep stock of merit badge patches, rank patches, etc. Campouts and other activities are an additional fee, usually pretty nominal for local campouts. A week at summer camp is usually around $300.

What is a Court of Honor and how often are they held?

Court of Honor is our quarterly awards night. These are held upstairs in the church in March, June, September and December. Troop 21 believes in recognizing rank achievements as they happen, so scouts will get their rank advancements in regular troop meetings, but Court of Honor is a way to make these happen in a more formal setting and to award earned merit badges and recognize participation in events with parents and other guests present.

Class A Uniform

This is what a Class A Uniform looks like. There are 2 versions – the shirts with the pocket on the left sleeve is the newer style, but both styles can be worn.

Class B (“Activity”) Uniform

The Class B or activity uniform consists of a Troop 21 T-shirt (supplied by troop) with regular uniform pants and socks.


Recently you agreed to be active with your Scout as a ScoutParent in Troop 21. We welcome you to this opportunity to work closely with your child and to assist the unit’s program. We hope you will work with other ScoutParents and family members in mentoring your unit’s youth members to help them receive the most from their Scouting experience.

We encourage you to go the National ScoutParents Initiative Web site at and learn more about ways to become involved as a ScoutParent. You can also learn how to support your ScoutParents Unit Coordinator and the other leaders in your Scout unit.

As an adult interested in Scouting, we invite you to subscribe to Scouting magazine for Scouting Magazine Cover$9.95 a year. Scouting magazine’s six issues per year will keep you up-to-date on all of the BSA’s programs—Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing—while highlighting these programs’ most successful activities in articles from across the nation. In addition, Scouting magazine provides practical parenting advice for boys, teenagers, and young adults. To subscribe to Scouting magazine, go to this address.

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